Fruit as a Centerpiece

There are several ways to add something new to your centerpiece, one of my favorites is using fruit. You can add varies kinds for any season or occasion, using a mix of flowers and vases or just fruit itself. It can also help if your on a budget, many times adding in some colorful pieces will save on flower costs.

11c1e95de6fc65fd6ea56b1856682f29I love the figs included in the flower arrangement as well as placed throughout the table.



201207efcd581aba06e71b2a80a5ecf3This is a good example of placing fruit on a table to add texture and color.

c73db088fc733f97af3bf414e114466fThis is such a simple way to make a quick centerpiece. Use a large mason jar with cut lemons or any other citrus fruit, cut some fresh flowers to place in the middle of the fruit and your done!

525f30790878c2b13f72ee458ba19370I love the bright colors and contrasting patterns on this table. They used a combination of flowers and bowls with tangerines, and pineapples placed randomly throughout the table.

c48c46218adc074ab613cbc068588927This is a good example of cutting cost. Use a bowl, its takes up a larger real-estate on your table and you can find ones similar to this at a thrift store. You can fill the bowl with anything, oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes then go pull some greenery from your garden and fill the spaces.


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