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Cabana was born from the vision of Monika Krieger and Ashley Agee, longtime friends and avid consumers of fashion, design and all things creative. With their individual working experiences in the fashion and apparel industry, and with the help of fate, these two decided it was time to make their childhood dream of owning a shop together, reality.

Growing both of their careers as individuals in Southern California, they have now returned to Portland and brought with them an eye for fashion and design that can only be obtained by being fully submerged in SoCal culture.

Cabana brings labels from Los Angeles, New York and all over the world right to your doorstep, if desired. Or, you can attend one of our events where you will have a personalized shopping experience among friends as well as get an up close look into new trends emerging from the hottest up-and-coming design houses.

The goal of Cabana is to bring these designers to Portland and keep you – the one with an eye for style – wanting more. We will be adding new pieces to our line every season, always restocking our inventory with items specifically chosen to reflect our own style ideologies. We love fashion. We love friends. We love parties. Cabana is all three.

If you would like more information on Cabana, or if you are interested in hosting a Cabana pop-up shop, please email us: cabana.pdx@gmail.com


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